Flash Survivor™ is an extremely durable, water resistant, drop-tested flash USB memory drive. By design it is perfect for transporting valuable data such as personal files, photos and applications without having to worry about damage or loss of data due to the elements.
* Encased in extremely strong CNC-milled, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum.
* Water resistant to 200M through the use of a EPDM waterproof seal.
* Protected from vibration or impact damage through the use of a molded shock dampening collar.
* Plug-&-Play with any USB 2.0 certified peripheral computer port (backward compatible with USB 1.1).
* USB extension cable and Dog Tags included.
* Protected by a Limited 10-year Warranty.

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Review 1:

Overall Corsair Survivor is a pretty nice companion. Promised transfer speeds turned out to be true which is important for a storage with this kind of capacity. You don’t have to worry about data being lost when traveling with Survivor in the pocket. If none of this technical stuff impresses you, then how about people asking ‘What timecapsule is that?’ More @ Metku

Review 2:

The average price of $125 USD for the 8GB Survivor GT is a little steep. Less durable 8GB USB drives sell for about $70 USD online. If you don’t need extra strong physical protection of your data, go with a cheaper plastic drive. If you know you’ll be in situations where the flash drive could get wet, dirty, trampled, dropped, or submerged, then by all means, spend the extra $55 USD and know your data is safe. It seems like the Survivor GT would be an ideal data-protection product for the military, police, search and rescue teams, and those active in water sports. Even though I don’t fit into a single category above, I remain very impressed with the Survivor GT and would consider it an invaluable asset in my tech tool kit. More @ DigitalTrends

Review 3:

Priced at $189.99 from Newegg.com, the Corsair 32GB Survivor flash drive can seem rather expensive. We’ve seen that the average read speed is 23.3 MB/sec between all three benchmarking tests, that the average write speed is 8.36 MB/sec, that the cost per gigabyte is roughly $5.94, and that the Survivor has a CPU utilization of a mere 6%. The people over at Corsair even thought to include a copy of True Crypt to keep our data safe. When you consider the 200m water resistance, the shock-proof collar, the industrial crafted aluminum, and the sheer size of the drive, you’ll see that it’s worth every penny. More @ Techwarelabs

List of reviews from Corsair.com

dkamera.de – June, 2008 -  Flash Voyager Mini Review at dkamera.de

“Der winzige USB 2.0 Stick im Schlsselanhnger-Design punktet dabei durch seine geringe Gre und der gummierten Ummantelung.”

Neuerdings – June, 2008 – Neuerdings.com Reviews Flash Voyager Mini

“Der Corsair FD Flash Voyager wird einfach mit an einen Schlsselbund gehngt – er trgt dort weniger auf als jeder Schlssel und geht zwischen diesen auch nicht kaputt…so hat man nun immer 4GB dabei.”

Gadgetzone – June, 2008 – Gadgetzone Reviews the Corsair Flash Voyager Mini 4GB

“Corsair’s Voyager Mini USB flash drive is its smallest flash drive yet and still manages to pack in a respectable 4GB of storage into its tiny body…Corsair Voyager Mini is a great buy if you’re looking at a fast and compact USB flash drive…”

PC-EXPERIENCE.DE – June, 2008 – PC-EXPERIENCE.DE Reviews the Flash Voyager Mini

“Klein aber oho? so lapidar kunnte man die Resultate resumieren, wurde aber dem Leistungsvermugen nur bedingt gerecht werden. Der Flash Voyager Mini wird seine Kunden finden, daran besteht fr uns kein Zweifel. Er verfgt uber eine annehmbare Performance, die Verarbeitungsqualitut reduzierte sich nicht analog zur Grose und die Kontaktfliche mit Garage sollte Schule machen.”

dkamera.de – May, 2008 – dkamera.de Reviews Flash Voyager GT 16GB

“Gerade die relativ weiche und dick gummierte Ummantelung des USB Sticks macht ihn gegen mechanische Einflsse von auen nahezu resistent. Die groe Speicherkapazitt und die schnellen Datendurchsatzraten machen den Corsair Voyager GT zum beinahe perfekten Datentransportmittel um beispielsweise die besten Fotos immer dabei zu haben.”

DriverHeaven – May, 2008 – DriverHeaven Awards Gold to Voyager GT 16GB

“The new Corsair Voyager GT 16GB drive is a complete success in regards to the performance claims and it is the fastest unit you can currently buy. It is based on the synthetic polymer body design Corsair has been successfully using for years now, additionally it is lightweight and very durable.”

RBMods – May, 2008 – R&B Mods Recommends Flash Voyager GT 16GB

“The drive offers you 16GB of fast performance so I cannot really see a reason why you should not buy this.”

CPU3D – May, 2008 – CPU3D Reviews Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16GB

“Flash drives are getting bigger and bigger nowadays, and as the size of the drives increase so will the need for higher speeds and performance. Corsair’s 16GB Voyager GT offers very good performance for such a small device. It’s well worth considering.”

PC-EXPERIENCE.DE – April, 2008 – Flash Voyager 16GB GT Earns Gold Award

“Wer einen kleinen handlichen Datentransporter sucht, der nicht nur viel Platz bietet, schnell arbeitet und dazu noch sehr preiswert erhltlich ist, wird mit dem Flash Voyager GT 16GB bestens bedient.”

Tom’s Hardware Guide – April, 2008 – Flash Survivor 32GB Reviewed by Tom’s Hardware Guide

“Corsair’s Flash Survivor is not the fastest, not the smallest, … , but it should be of value to mobile users who want to protect their data. The product is available in capacities up to a whopping 32 GB and it is both robust and waterproof. We left it in the bottom of a sink filled with water overnight and the device worked without a hitch the following day.”

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